We work for you – together with you. This is our strength. Our solutions are tailor-made and we work in such a way that what we do is understandable. Since 1983.
  • Committed and curious: People and social issues interest us. We are committed to them. This interest is our strength and guides us as a team in our daily work for our clients.
  • Open and honest: We are open-minded. At the same time, we have critical minds and a constructive attitude. And we are honest people.
  • Agile and flexible: We work together as a permamant team in different roles and different processes. This is why we are adaptable and open to change.
  • Diverse and international: We work on assignments in all continents. Tbilisi, Accra, Rome... nowhere is too far away for us. The same naturally applies to our Swiss clients – whether they are in Nyon, Arbon or Melide.
team  |  Niels Rump

Partner, Agronomist and Biologist

Niels Rump

044 368 58 74


Master of Science in Biology, University of Geneva, Switzerland
Master of Science in Agronomy University of Algarve, Portugal
Master of Advanced Studies in Human Systems Engineering, University of Applied Science Western Switzerland   

Working Experience

Africa (Benin, Kenia, Mozambique) Asia (China) South-America (Brazil) Europe (Albania, Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary and Portugal). 

Key Qualifications

  • Adult Training:

Training and coaching of trainers, coordination and designing of training programs, e-learning.

  • Facilitation & participative methods:

Training for facilitators with focus on group performance, strategies and methods, coaching and facilitation of large group events, e-facilitation of platforms and webinars.

  • Organisational development:

Consultancy, coaching and expertise, team coaching, traning and coaching for board members and leaders.

  • Rural extension and advisory:

Methodology, designing training concept, training and coaching of advisors.

  • Business Management:

Strategic planning, HR, marketing, trade logistics, quality management (ISO).

  • Project management:

Training and coaching of project managers, outcome mapping and outcome harvesting.


French, German, English, Portuguese, Spanish

team  |  Dieter Zürcher

Partner, M. A. in Geography

Dieter Zürcher

044 368 58 78


Licentiate in Geography at University of Zurich.

Areas of Competency

Knowledge Management, Organisation performance, Economic transformation, Rural development and income generation, Decentralisation and local governance, Migration, Sustainable development

Working Experience

Albania, Armenia, Bhutan, Bolivia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, China, Dominican Republic, Georgia, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Kosovo, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Romania, Russian Federation, Tajikistan, Tansania, Vietnam

Key Qualifications

Participatory conceptualisation of development cooperation projects and programmes with logical framework and result based management concepts, Project and programme management in an interdisciplinary environment, Evaluation and impact assessment of various projects and programmes for public authorities as well as NGOs quality management in development cooperation, Design and implementation of applied research projects, Moderation of groups and organisational development processes, Conceptualisation and delivery of various training courses (in Switzerland, developing and transition countries)


German, English, Spanish, French

team  |  Franz Kehl

Partner, M.A. in Political Science and History

Franz Kehl

044 368 58 79


Licentiate in Political Sciences, Contemporary History, Communication and Media Science at University of Fribourg. 

Areas of Competency

  • Thematic: (Vocational) education, labour, social work, migration and integration
  • Methodic: planning, moderation, evaluation, project management

Working Experience

Albania, Austria, Bosnia y Herzegovina, Georgia (South Caucasus), Germany, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia

Key Qualifications

Advisory services for public administration at local, cantonal and federal level as well as non-profit organisations in the fields of vocational and professional education and training, labour market insertion, social welfare, and migration and integration policies.


German, English, French
team  |  Markus Engler

Partner, M.Sc. Civil Engineering

Markus Engler

044 368 58 73


Master of Science in Civil Engineering (Regional Planning and Structural Engineering) at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, (ETH) Zurich
Post-graduate studies in Development and Cooperation (NADEL) at ETH in Zurich.

Areas of Competency

Consultant in Organisational Development, Planning, Process-Management and Evaluation

Working Experience

Bhutan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Cameroon, India, Laos, Lesotho, Namibia, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Thailand

Key Qualifications

Planning, Process-Management and Evaluation


German, English, French, Nepali
team  |  Carsten Schulz

Partner, Consultant, Trainer and Facilitator

Carsten Schulz

044 368 85 75


Master of Advanced Studies in Development Cooperation (MAS ETH D&C) at NADEL, ETH Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, Switzerland.
Study of Forest Sciences (M.Sc.) at the Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany.

Areas of Competency

  • Thematic:

Natural Resources Management, Rural Development, Income Generation, Private Sector-Development, Decentralization and Local Governance.

  • Methodic:

Project Management; Facilitation (incl. e-Facilitation); Planning, support and evaluation of projects; Coaching, Counselling and Organizational Development.

Working Experience

Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ethiopia, Finland, Georgia, Lebanon, Mongolia, Mozambique, Norway, Occupied Palestinian Territories, Panama, Romania, Tajikistan, Venezuela, Vietnam.

Key Qualifications

  • Project Management:

Proven management and leadership experience of managing projects in complex and intercultural situations, using a multi-stakeholder approach.

  • Facilitation:

Extensive experiences in workshop facilitation (face to face events, conferences up to 200 participants). Facilitation of e-discussions and animation of online networks.

Coaching, counseling and organizational development to organizations, project teams and individuals – including facilitation of team retreats and individual leadership coaching.

  • Knowledge Management:

Guiding knowledge sharing and learning processes; support and backstopping to thematic networks as well as to project teams and individuals. Capitalization of project experiences and results.

  • Training:

Conceptualizing, planning and conducting training courses (in an intercultural environment). Topics include all issues in the above mentioned competences as well as project cycle management, monitoring & evaluation.
Private Sector Development in rural development as well as natural resources management. Conceptualizing, planning and managing projects and programs using approaches such as value chain development or market systems development (e.g. M4P).


German, English, Portuguese, Spanish

team  |  Dragana Matic


Dragana Matic

044 368 58 01

Working experience

USA, Canada


German, English, Serbian

team  |  Sophie Staheyeff

Scientific Assistant, MA Development Studies

Sophie Staheyeff

044 368 58 30


MA in Development Studies, Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex 
BLaw in Law, University of Fribourg

Experiences abroad

United Kingdom, Peru, Colombia, Chile


French, English, German, Spanish
team  |  Magali Bernard

Partner, M.Sc. in Criminal Sciences

Magali Bernard

044 368 58 76


MSc., School of Criminal Sciences, University of Lausanne
Diploma of Advanced Studies in Evaluation, University of Berne

Working Experience

Several years of working experience in multicultural, multidisciplinary and complex environments, on bilateral and multilateral cooperation programmes, in various countries and regions:
Africa (Benin, Cape Verde, Côte d’Ivoire, Guinea Bissau, Liberia, Mali, Namibia, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, South Africa), Eastern Europe (Bulgaria, Romania), Japan, Lebanon, Pakistan, Switzerland

Area of Competency

  • Thematic areas:
Justice, Security, Democratic governance, Rule of law, Human rights, Migration and Social integration.
  • Services:
Advisory services to public administration at national and local levels as well as to non-profit organisations, multilateral and bilateral agencies active in development cooperation, in particular:
institutional and capacity assessment; project / programme design and management; strategic planning and strategy development; evaluation of projects, programmes and strategies; mentoring institutions on quality assurance; facilitation of workshops and experts group meetings.


French, English, German
team  |  Dr. Kathrin Frey

Co-Managing Director, Partner, PhD in Political Science

Dr. Kathrin Frey

044 368 58 98


PhD in Political Science, University of Zurich
Licentiate in Political Science, Business and Economics, International Law, University of Zurich

Areas of Competency

Education, health (prevention and health promotion), evidence-based policy-making

Key Qualifications

Advisory services for public administration at the federal, cantonal and local level, and for non-profit organisation. Design and implementation of evaluations and analyses of measures, projects and programmes. Concept development and moderation of development processes. Design and implementation of workshops, training modules.


German, English, French
team  |  Roman Troxler

Co-Managing Director, Partner, M.A. in International Economic

Roman Troxler

044 368 58 15


M.A. in International Economic Policy
M.A. in International Affairs and Governance
B.A. in International Affairs 

Working Experience

Albania, Benin, Burkina Faso, DR Congo (South Kivu), Ethiopia, France, Germany, Kosovo, Morocco, North Macedonia, Rwanda, Senegal, South Africa, Tunisia

Key Qualifications

Planning and backstopping of development projects (mainly in the fields of economic development and skills) with logical frameworks and results chains, Project evaluations including cost-benefit analyses, Employment and labour market analyses.


German, French, English

team  |  Daniel Wegmann

Business economist (freelancer)

Daniel Wegmann


team  |  Marina Häusermann

Scientific assistant, MA History

Marina Häusermann

044 368 58 77


MA History, Social Anthropology of Transnationalism and the State, University of Bern 
BA Contemporary History, Social Anthropology, University of Fribourg 
CAS in Evaluation, University of Bern

Working Experience

Bosnia Herzegovina, Chile, Kosovo, Russia, France, Palestine, Tanzania


German, English, Spanish, French, Russian